Venezuelan refugees welcome in Peru

Published in Deutsche Welle on 8 August 2017

LIMA, Peru – Max Coloma, 33, shares a little apartment in the district of San Martín de Porres. It’s one of the poorer suburbs of Lima where crime thrives after the sun has gone down. But for the Venezuelan former lawyer this doesn’t matter; compared to Venezuela, where hunger and violence has pushed the country to the edge of collapse, the streets of Lima are a paradise. At least it’s possible to walk around in Peru without having to fear for your life.

When he came to Peru about two years ago, Coloma started out by making arepas – a type of corn flour bread, sold everywhere in Venezuela. Waiting at bus stops and other busy places, he sold these Venezuelan traditional delicacies to passersby. Now his venture has evolved into a delivery service. In his apartment kitchen, this Venezuelan bends over his small stove to cook his meals. Simple sandwiches have turned into a unique kind of fusion food, mixing the Peruvian kitchen with recipes from his home country Venezuela.

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